The 3rd Edition in the Zombie Shooter and Survival Comes to Your Browser

We loved the second last stand so when we saw that the third game was finally released we were delighted. The last stand 3 combines all the best parts of 1 and 2 together, with improvements such as even more guns to play with and survivors who have their own characteristics. This browser zombie game by Armor Games and Con Artists has been mentioned in the same light as Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead. Now considering such games are fully fledged pc games it is a remarkable achievement that the game dev's have managed to create a browser based flash game that can even strike a remote comparison to the latter two. The premise of the Last Stand 3 is rather simple - after a car crash you awake from being unconcious to find a city thriving with the undead once again. Your family awaits your return on the other side of the city and the only way out is through the undead. In this zombie shooter being resourceful with everything you find is imperative - whether that be guns, ammo, medi kits or survivors.

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What we like the most about the third game is the fact that you can now develop your character through several channels rather than just being a bog standard man with a gun. For example you can choose to be a melee specialist - strong with your hands and melee weapons such as baseball bats and axes or a specialist gunner who's a crack shot with many long range weapons. This channel is chosen as you progress through the game and receive more xp points to use and money to equip various items to your character. There are two modes to the game - Survivor which requires you get rest in safe houses along the way and you require food regularly - this mode is more realistic to what you would have to do in reality or run and gun mode where you don't have to worry about such things and the main aim of the game is to just gun down zombies. We believe this is a key introduction by the game developers because some players would prefer to just enjoy the shooting side of a zombie game where as others may want something a little more engrossing - this appeases all sets of fans. Where as some reviewers for the game such as Jay Is Games have been quite critical with regards to the flat visuals, unbalanced player vs zombie agility and random zombie attacks we like to turn a convenient blind eye to such criticisms and just enjoy the fact that a browser game can still deliver great entertainment many years after the first Last Stand was created - that is to say the Last Stand 3 is a pure blood splattered delight served up raw and fresh, mmmmmmmmm - tasty.

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